Sworn translations

(also known as certified translations)

They include translations performed by a sworn translator in paper form. Each translated document is duly signed and sealed by the translator. One page of sworn translation is regulated by law and includes 1125 characters (including spaces), which, in practice, means that an A4 paper page may constitute 2 or even 3 translation pages.

The most common documents, including but not limited to, are:

  • civil status documents (birth, marriage and death certificates, change of name deed polls, excerpts from official registers)
  • court and official documents (rulings, lawsuits, judgments, wills)
  • notarial documents (Apostiles, notarial deeds, extracts from land title registers, powers of attorney, statements, attested acts)
  • company documents (articles of association, agreements and contracts, financial statements, invoices)
  • identity documents (passports, identity cards, certificates of competency)
  • documents related to education (school certificates, diplomas, supplements, transcripts of records, course completion certificates)
  • tax and financial documents (P60 forms, payslips, accounts, auditor’s reports, bank guarantees, bank statements)
  • vehicle documents (registration documents, sale agreements, purchase receipts, certificates of title)
  • medical certificates

and many others

All the documents are treated as confidential

Standard translations

One page of standard translation includes 1600 characters (including spaces).


Sworn interpretation services are most frequently rendered during marriage ceremonies/weddings, court hearings, preparation of official documents, signing notarial deeds, conducting negotiations, concluding contracts, etc.

Personal assistant services

“Your Mobile Translator/Interpreter – Assistant”

In which situations you may wish to use the services of a professional translator/interpreter who renders personal assistant services?
Completion of a specific task within a definite period of time and place, i.e.:

  • supporting the clients in hosting foreign contractors at their premises or at a place indicated by the same (i.e. construction sites, offices, law firms etc.) for a specified number of hours or days, exercised on a temporary basis.

  • performing short-term interpretation and personal assistant works in special cases, such as: arrival of foreign visitors, booking tickets and hotels, picking up guests from the place of arrival, accompanying them during inspecting facilities, factories or construction sites, organising free time, e.g. visiting the city, etc.

  • assistant services rendered at the registered offices of companies and institutions to cover for a person being in charge of events involving English-speaking foreigners when she/he is temporary absent from work (so called work for replacement).

Detailed terms and conditions are set forth individually.

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